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Artist Statement

My practice is focused on the role of artists in generating cultural spaces and creative pedagogies to think through the paradoxes and complexities of the current ecological crisis. The Anthropocene hypothesis, the contested name for the current period, translates as the Age of Man. It situates humans as a geomorphic force who are affecting negative, irreversible changes to the planet.

By deploying art-making, socially engaged participation and art education methodologies, my practice seeks to open up spaces for collective transformational thinking. Cultivating an ecological worldview to think through the dense lattices of interrelated cultural, ecological and political issues is one of the many urgencies facing us in the Twenty-First Century.

My practices focus on traditional art-making techniques, drawing, sculpture, installation and lens-based media to explore interconnections. Ecology from the Greek oikos, which means family, home, and economy, informs my practice’s ecological perspective.

Thinking about the many challenges facing our multispecies planetary home can lead to a sense of overwhelm and paralysis. However, by thinking at a micro-political scale in an everyday context, my work aims to use art to generate agency through eco-pedagogic and collaborative practices to reimagine a sustainable, just way of being at home in the world. My focus on notions of kinship and interconnectivity implies a sense of empathy and care.

Visual Artist Tanya de Paor
Spinning a Yarn, 2021 Tanya de Paor
Daydreamer Lens Tanya de Paor
PhD.Family Portraits Phase 2 3 Tanya de Paor
Ecoline Tanya de pair